Friday, August 7, 2009

Nelsinho Piquet jr. Out

See, I told you so. Nelson Piquet jr. got dismissed. Just as I had expected (and I think everyone else in the world too). Yet in his website here, he blamed everyone and everything under the sun but himself. His ex-boss, Flavio Briatore, got most of the flak. And he also claimed that he had always had to play second fiddle to Fernando Alonso. That he always got the weaker car. That's bullshit! He seems to have forgotten that HE is behind the wheel. And only he can be blamed if he keeps driving the car into barriers or walls. Or is he going to blame someone for putting the barrier there as well? You see, my boy, there's a difference between Fernando and you. The same difference between a champ and a chump.
One down. One more to go.

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