Saturday, August 1, 2009

F1 Morphing

In my earlier post (14 th July), I predicted that Renault or McLarens would make a come back to form. I then said on my post ( 26th July), just after the Hungary qualifications that I was right. Now do I dare say I was spot on? Think about it. In the qualifications, Alonso and Renaults scored their first pole. Then the next day, race day, McLarens scored their first victory. Too bad I'm not a betting man. Damn.. . . Things are beginning to change in F1. And for the better, to some extent. Lets try to go through some of them. First with the unfortunate injury of Felipe Massa. He is out of F1 for this season. But I'm very sure he'll be back. Michael Schumacher is now replacing him for the rest of the season. Lets get this right. I'd really love to watch Michael racing again but I'd rather it not had been this way. At Felipe's expense. It somehow doesn't feel as sweet. Now can you imagine the situation if Michael wins even one race? If he's not yet already a 'god' of F1, that would shake the very foundation of the tracks the rest of the other drivers drive on! The first person whose head will role is Kimi Raikonnen. He's already on very thin ice as it is. His venturing into the World Rally Championship is already making the Ferrari base a little pissed off at him. Then there's the one really big thing I know everyone must be waiting for. Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton. That will be one for the history books. Mark my words, you'll be reading a lot about this in the papers real soon. BMW is out after this year. Yup, they are going the way of the dinosaurs. Or is it Honda. Never mind. Same difference. To think that they would have learned a thing or two by what happened to Honda and how Brawns turned things around. Maybe the same might happen again? Well, I hope so. That's what we need. More excitement for next year still. Sebastian Bourdais's termination by Toro Rosso was unfortunate but expected. After 27 races he only managed a total of 6 points. A far cry from his teammate of last year, the other Sebastian, Vettel. His teammate of this year, yet another Sebatien Buemi isn't doing that well either. But in his case we'll have to wait and see. The driver to replace Sebastian Bourdais in Toro Rosso is now the youngest driver to ever start in a F1 championship, Jaime Alguersuari. He has been labeled as the 'Most dangerous driver in F1' by the British media. Not because he's that good but because he's that inexperienced! In fact the first time he ever sat in this years F1 car was during the Fridays qualifications in Hungary. They are saying he's an accident waiting to happen. For his sake, not theirs, I hope they are wrong. The two drivers that I feel very surprised who are still driving are Kimi Raikonnen and Nelson Piquet Jr. These are two drivers whom I think should change careers. Kimi, well what can I say about him that I haven't already. Read my previous postings and you'd understand. It's very sad to see him drift away like that but I believe he has other passions. So my best wishes to him. Nelson Piquet Jr? Well the only reason I think he's still driving, or ever started driving, is because of his father, Nelson Piquet Sr. Let's be honest, this guy sucks. You can give all the other drivers skateboards with square wheels and yet this guy will lose! He'll somehow still crash his car. In fact that's all I remember him for! Remember Singapore last year, in front of the bay grandstand? I heard some people in the stands got bits of his car in their hair! Well, I really wonder what else is in store for us in this season's F1. It's getting more and more exciting with every race. The cars are changing, the drivers are changing, the teams are changing, the rules are changing. And that is all good for us fans.

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