Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trophy Presentation In Singapore F1 2009


Here's a thought I had. I may be wrong but I don't recall any much fanfare or celebrations during the trophy presentations in Singapore F1 last year. If I am wrong, I apologise. 

I thought, knowing Singapore's enthusiasm for fireworks, that it would be a given. We have fireworks for just about every celebration there is throughout the year. The National Day is a big draw for fireworks fans like myself and the thousands that show up around the venue. We don't care much about the parade itself since it is basically the same crap every year and it becomes so predictable but the fireworks, we all try not to miss that. They are just so amazingly beautiful!  

Then we have the invited guest from around the world who come in during the month of August and show us a fifteen minute performance which is even more spectacular. Though this year we didn't or maybe I didn't know. We had them from France, South Korea and from a few other countries before.  

Now imagine the scenario. Just as the top 3 drivers salute the National Anthems for the top driver and team, and as they are given their trophies, they'd would traditionally pop their champagnes and celebrate. Imagine if just then a spectacular, albeit short but powerful fireworks display is executed further up the bay near the Singapore Flyer.  

Oh wait! How about this? 
How about launching some fireworks during the victory lap! Or maybe a laser show to boot! It takes about 3 mins for the drivers to come around during the victory lap. That could make a 3 min show! 
O.K. I think I'm getting a little carried away here. A little over my head. I'm sorry. I just like imagining stuff. Oh well.. . . .a light bulb was invented by imagination. And then it was the other way around. I get too excited. I truly apologise. 

I don't know if any other F1 venue has ever had a fireworks display celebration and even if they had it would be in daylight, rendering it useless. We are still the only night time F1 track remember? 

Imagine the effect that will have! The drivers would be able to see it, as will the ticket holders around the pit garage. We'd also most likely see it even all the way from the padang! Especially if it is also shown on the mega screens around the track at the same time. 

Those who don't see it 'live' still get to hear and feel its thunders! And the best part, the entire world would be able to watch it on their screens. I don't think that has ever been done, but it would make a spectacular finale for a spectacular weekend. 

I hope the authorities would do something like this for this year. Imagine the Grandeur. Imagine.

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