Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ferrari in a Knot

Let's see... Ferrari is now in a kind of a knot I think. More so their fans. How do I or anyone go about this. 

O.K. Let's try. Luca Badoer is obviously out and Giancarlo Fisichella has replaced him. Fisi, being an Italian, driving for an Italian team, proclaimed, 'He is in seventh heaven'. Here starts the dilemma; 'How now, brown cow?'.

We have Fisi. Will he remain in Ferrari? Remember, that's who the Italians want. Ferrari as well. Yet we have heard that it is quite likely that Fernando Alonso may be joining the Scuderia next season. Presumably to replace Kimi Raikonen. 

How about Massa? Well he is still recovering.

'See you later, Alligator'. Kimi, with his usual pride, has claimed that he is not worried to be dropped by Ferrari because as he said "I'm still young and I'm sure that other teams will still hire me". The problem with that, my friend, is that the other teams are not quite in the calibre of Ferrari. And I doubt any other team among the top few will hire him. It will probably be the beginning of his downward spiral, as far as his career in F1 is concerned. 

'In a while, crocodile'. That's what Ferrari are obliged to say to Fellipe Massa. He took a bullet for them and I don't think they would be that cruel to sack him next season. They'd lose a lot of fans, not only from Brazil. And I don't think they'd dare do that. Not someone from Aryton Senna's home country. And especially not when he's obviously a better driver than Kimi. They'd have to give him a chance to return.

That brings us back to; 'How now, Brown Cow?'. So will it be Kimi, Alonso, Fisi or Massa next season for Ferrari?

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