Friday, September 11, 2009

Nelson Piquet's Crash

image : Will someone please give Nelson his lolly pop back? This moron of a driver has officially claimed that he was indeed told to crash his car during last year's race in Singapore. His statement is obviously a case of sour grapes towards his ex team and especially his ex boss Flavio Briatore. It is impossible to believe a driver would intentionally risk his life and limp to help out a teammate.

 Anyhoo, what gain is there for Alonso or Renault as far as the championship is concerned? They were already out of the run for the year and that one win wouldn't really have done them a whole worth of good. Watch the video and tell me if at all it is indeed possible to choreograph such a perfect 'accident'? 

I wonder if Nelson realises that he is in effect kissing his carreer as a race car driver goodbye. No racing team, F1 or not, will ever hire a cry baby like this. One who spills the beans on his ex team. He has just opened a can of bullshit for himself. Hope he enjoys it. Read his confession in full here .
Video : Times online

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