Tuesday, July 14, 2009

F1 Part 2 of season 2009

Wow! What can I say? This has got to be one of the best F1 seasons that I can remember. The second stage of this years F1 season started almost exactly as the the first stage ended 3 weeks ago; Red Bull 1 and 2! Just when we thought that Brawns F1 was going to run away with the 2009 championship, someone threw the spanner into the works. And remember you me, I predicted some time back that it will take two races before we see the other teams change things around? Well I don't like to blow my own horn, but I was right! This is the way F1 should be. Where teams do their darnest to get things right and to maintain the competition. Not the same teams winning every race every couple of weeks. Yes it was great to have been there to watch Michael Schumacher dominate F1 with his pinkie finger alone. And we have to remember that we are the privileged few who witnessed history in the making as he broke records after records. One day, our kids and their kids will still be talking about him and if we're still around , we'll be able to say that we were there and we saw him! He is still there sometimes, like last Sunday, giving us his usual charming smile through the cameras. But to have one team or even two winning every race week after week was getting boring. Hell, even the pundits wouldn't bet that Michael wouldn't win. The podium use to be a very common place for the usual suspects. Well, this year I don't see Ferrari, I don't see McLaren, I don't see Renault. These guys are in fact struggling to get back to the top. I don't mind, cos that's where the excitement in F1 is! Now we see Brawn and Red Bull. Who even cared of them before this season? In fact Brawn never really existed before this season (they were under Harry Porters Magical Invisible Cloak called Honda). As I said this is the most exciting season in a long time. But here is my prediction again (no don't take it to the bank). I believe that the other teams will catch up with Red Bull. Brawn will win another race along the way for sure but I feel it is going to be Fernando Alonso with his Renault that will strike back soon. I even suspect that one of the McLarens might score a podium soon. Anyhoo, it doesn't matter. I'm just rubbing my hands with glee and anticipating the next race. This is Fun!

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