Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hungaroring F1 Qualifications

Wow what a qualifier! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I was watching it live on TV yesterday and it all started very promising. We even have a new driver for Toro Rosso, Jaime Alguersuari. He is now the youngest F1 racer in history. We'll talk more about him another time. Now back to the yesterday's events. First of all, I know I say this on behalf of all F1 fans around the world when I say our prayers and thoughts are with Felipe Massa and his family. I truly wish him a super speedy recovery. Watching his car stationary against the tyre wall made me initially think that it was just a normal F1 situation that we have all seen often enough. But when I noticed that Felipe wasn't moving in his car, I knew something wasn't right. The TV crew didn't show what happened until a little later. That's when I realised the seriousness of the accident. I replayed the incident again and again in real time and could clearly see something hitting Felipe on the head. And as it did, you could see that it knocked Felipe out cold. It was later revealed that it was a spring from his countryman's Rubens Barichello's car.
Image F1site. Felipe suffered a fractured skull and some cuts to his face. It is understood that he has undergone surgery and he is stable. That is surely the best news. As for the rest of the qualifications, what can I say, there was a touch of humour when it ended. Seeing the drivers walking around asking each other where their stand was on the time sheet was a bit of a crack. It turned out there was a 'tecnical fault' with the timescreen. Pity the stewards. It was later revealed that Fernando Alonso got pole and Vettel and Webber 2nd and 3rd respectively. Can I dare say this? What the hell, I'm going to. Didn't I say that I expected Alonso and Renault to show up soon? I said this just after the last race. Will I still be proven right again? Should I be a betting man then? I guess we have a few more hours to find out the final result.

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