Thursday, June 25, 2009

F1, Save for Now.

So, F1 is save. For now at least. The meeting in Paris of the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has been fruitful. The teams and the association have come to an agreement to avoid any alternative series or championships. They will stick to the rules, as agreed upon, for the 2009 season. And some added regulations which were agreed before the 29 th of April this year. Part of those rules require the teams to reduce the cost of operations within two years. They will also need to help out the new entries in providing technical assistance. But I think the best news is that Max Mosley has announced not to stand for re-election in October this year. Hip Hop Hooray! I'm sure that was part of the deal set by FOTA. Good on them! Oh and by the hoo, there will be 13 teams in next seasons race. Sweet. Here's a list of the teams; 1. Ferrari 2. McLaren Mercedes 3. BMW Sauber 4. Renault 5. Brawn 6. Williams 7. Toyota 8. Force India 9. Red Bull Racing 10.Torro Rosso 11. Campos 12. Manor 13. Team US F1 Wow, that is going to be one very crowded starting grid. But that's alright, at least it is still F1. That is all we wanted.

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