Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Says F1 Is Boring?

Jenson Button giving his 2 wheeler a check at last year's Singapore Race. Quite a few naysayers have started to say that this years F1 is getting boring. Because it's always Jenson Button and Brawns in the front. To a certain extend, they are quite right. I, for one, believe that this years championship is all wrapped up. Unless any of the other teams begin to improve themselves, it's over. Maybe with the exception of Red Bull. I feel they still have it in them to spoil Team Brawns party. But, personally I'm enjoying this years F1 so far. For me it would be boring if the usual guys were in front. Raikonnen, Alonso, Massa and in just 2 years Hamilton have made it the usual suspects. If they were in the front again this year then it would be boring. It started to get boring when Schumacher was wrapping up the championship with still a lot more races to go every year! It's nice to have someone different leading the pack for a change. And with an all new team to boot! Shocking that Alonso recently made the comment that it's not healthy for Formula 1 with only 1 driver winning all the time and that his nearest challenger is his own teammate. I wonder if he'd say the same if he was leading the championship. Well Button did say that there is nothing he can do about it. And he proved it again in Turkeys race. Jenson ran a flawless race and like second place Mark Webber said after the race, ' Button was on another planet.' I couldn't agree more! Actually I would want Rubens Barrichello to start winning some races. The veteran of F1 deserves it. He had a bad outing yet again in Istanbul. It's really sad how he always ends up playing second fiddle to his teammates, no matter which team he drives for. He probably has a year or two left in him before he hangs up his helmet for good, so I wish he'd get one championship as his swansong. So, F1 is getting more and more exciting the way I see it. Now we know who the really good drivers are and who only had good back up from their cars. It's frustrating to see how some so called champions practically give up just because they think their cars are crap. They don't even put up a fight! And yet they are paid obscene amounts of money! Now we see the men from the boys, the haves from the have nots, the Champs from the Chimps.

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