Friday, May 22, 2009

Ferrari lose appeal

I was rather disappointed to read that Ferrari has lost its appeal against the FIA budget. The future of F1 is on the line now and things are not looking good. But what was somewhat of a surprise to me were the views given by Ferrari and Fernando Alonso. If you had read my earlier post dated the 17th of May, you'd know my sentiments of the whole saga. I wrote then that F1 will no longer be F1 if they go ahead with the budget cap. Shockingly those were the same words said by both the Scuderia Ferrari and Alonso in the papers on the 21st of May! As Ferrari said, looking at the team names interested to join the F1 next year, it can hardly be referred to as F1 anymore. It's more like GP3! Seriously who are Wirth Research, Lola, USF1, Epsilon Euskadi, RML, Formtech, Campos, or iSport? I've hardly heard of any of them (except maybe Team Lola). Where are all the big names? Yes I agree, the economic reasons the FIA is giving does make a little sense. But have they thought about the hundreds of workers from the bigger teams that will have to made redundant should they adopt the cap? That cannot be acceptable now, can it? People are already losing their jobs as it is. Fernando Alonso has threatened to quit F1 and he is not the only one. He said " If the big manufacturers leave F1, then I don't want to race with the small teams because it is not F1 anymore, and there are many other categories." He further said " To lose the big manufacturers, you also lose the best drivers in the world. It becomes no more interesting, F1." My sentiments exactly.

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