Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fallen Lady

Here's a little something written by Ling. Those that heard of her, Can only envy or hate her. That left many to lust after for her. Even sought changing identities just to be seen with her. For she was the ultimate symbol of majestic glory. Great abundance & Glowed with Lavish beauty. She had it all. Not christened on launching As she have faith in herself than luck. She was set to dance on the stage of the deep blue sea that unpredictable stage for all. She almost collides with another, but only to get away with her arrogance. No one seems to notice her ballet shoes come undone for now she will be in dire straits should she ever fall. She could feel tremendous heat building within her though she sways & glides gracefully against the waves. Just minutes before the grandfather clock could strike the fifth midnight, she paused. She had stomped onto Poseidon's trident despite repeated warnings, her ears fell deaf. Blinded by her self-obsession, believing she can get away, again. After all she has it all. Amused by her arrogance, Poseidon's trident has transformed into an ice dagger. It pierced through her side. And slid down her flesh. She could feel that she was falling apart despite it's being just a cut. Though she still tried to hum a melody to keep her in ease. Once on her right she started to bleed. She could not believe there was nothing that can keep her through. Her extravagant luxuries began to weigh her down. Her ballet shoes are only a burden to her now. Still flickered & glittered in her grandeur, she finally broke apart & collapsed. There is no turning back now. As Poseidon had embraced her fall And claimed her as his bride. In the abyss. Lays her wrecked body. Still dressed with her expensive jewelry. But nothing more than just homes for Poseidon's subordinates, algae & fishes. Who would have thought, her maiden journey would be her last dance to her wretched fame. As Time exchanged hands We still remember her name. She is Titanic.

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