Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Had To Happen

"Charms in limited supply And refusing to stretch That indefinable nothing Somehow keeps pushing you Finding the right words Can be a problem How many times must it be said There's no plan It had to happen Got to move on sometime And it's about time By putting one foot in front of another And repeating the process Cross over the street You're free to change your mind Strength through diversity" - Martin L. Gore It had to happen. Me messing with a blog. I have actually been wanting to do this for a long time now but I just tend to drag things too long. (Ok lah, no excuse, I just plain lazy). But what the hey, I started today didn't I? Though I still not too sure why. Never mind I just might as I go along. I don't much like writing, it's a hassle I think. I love talking. Just not writing. That"s why I don't SMS. I'm always worried about getting my spelling wrong. So I end up doing spell checks on the messages on the phone. A bit paranoid yeah I know, but there's a story to that as well. You'll find out a little more about that later. I can talk forever ( no lah, not like a nut case lah, talking and talking and nobody listening.) I mean give me some good company, some booze and fags and I'm off yakking. But no don't get me wrong, I can talk about almost anything, but I prefer things logical. Something that keeps my mind thinking. I am a hot blooded male and I"d prefer the opposite sex any day (thank you very much), but that doesn't mean that I don't indulge in my fair share of gossiping (crap lah, all men do lah. they just don't admit cos they think not macho. to them, I say, don't wayang. women can see right through you lah. just shut up and eat the humble pie, ok?). So, like I said, I like good company. My fiancee, she's the best. She speaks her mind and she knows what she's talking about (oklah, sometime she also throw in her two cents worth of bull shit, but hey, who doesn't, right?). I love her for many reasons. One of them is her inquisitive mind. I love the challenging conversations we have and we never get bored. (Well at least I don't. She, I not too sure.) Now, the best person I know, who can really give you a run for your money any day, is my dad. Having a chat with him is like discussing some major world issues with our Minister Mentor. You know the slow, steady, focused way you hear him speak on T.V.? Well, that's what talking to my dad is like. His command of the English language is incredible. Precise and to the point, he can shred the topic to a thousand pieces, just to understand it from the inside out. Then put it all together again to give you a totally remarkable new way of looking it. So, maybe that's what all this blogging is about. Conversing, sometimes even to yourself. Who knows, maybe if I keep this up I 'll see it that way as a fact. But then again, I might just be a nut case after all, just talking to myself when no one else wants to listen.

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Hannah said...

LOL, conversing to oneself... lol, I remember my first blog post it was just all bull crap because I never thought people would read it lol... cheers Dave!