Sunday, April 26, 2009

Depeche Mode

I first heard of Depeche Mode when I was in primary school. I remember this moment very well because I was involved in an accident while doing some serious rocket science. Crap lah, I actually poured melted wax on my hand and burned myself very bad. Trying to make my own candles or something. I was in primary 5. Those days we live in a 1 room 1 hall HDB flat where my brother, my mom and myself share one big bed and my father on his antic Punjabi bed. All in the room. So for the first time I had to sleep alone in the hall on the mattress. (My hand all bandaged up and also we feared that I might knock it against my brother). So my dad bought me my first Walkman to keep me company (not bad,eh?) I use to listen to music a lot even back then. So I remember buying this cassette at the shops nearby. I used to buy cassettes by just randomly looking at the covers and the names of the bands then. I liked those artistic images especially if it's unique. I saw this black one with the words Depeche Mode Black Celebrations on it. My mom, who was with me and who was paying for poor little injured pitiful me (yah right lol), didn't like it initially saying it looked like a devil worshiping band (I think all mothers must have said that during those times). But I managed to convince her. So there, the first night by myself I played the tape. The first song, and I had to shut it for a while. Very scary, haunting even. But I was not going to run back into the room to join the rest of my family, not after I finally claimed my 'manliness' of being able to sleep by myself. I started the tape again and listened. And there began my love for this band. Everyday and every night I'd listen to that same tape. Over and over again. As I grew older, I learned more of this band. I got more and more of their paraphernalia. Badges, posters, records, cassettes, singles. Everything I could get! I have now all their singles in record format and every album. Today I am proud to say that I've met the band personally. Even sharing a few drinks with them. Theirs', is a music I will forever remember as the one that I listened to because of candle wax.

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