Thursday, April 17, 2014

After all this time, I've forgotten how to use this blog composing part. All those fanciful fonts and jazz. So to hell with it.

It's the 28th of March today, around 0137 hrs. and I'm at my usual place, under the block across the coffee shop. Using my brand new laptop I got 2 weeks back. Tell you more about why and how I got it later. I will however tell you why I'm always here.

There aren't many places a person like myself can find solace of solitude around this estate, let alone this country. So, here, around my neighbourhood is one of a few places I feel I can just sit down, read the 'evening' newspapers and then contemplate about the day gone by. Also I'd then catch up on the online news, which always fascinates me. Also this is where I'd enjoy my usual beer and smokes, as I don't do so at home.

But more than anything, this is where I feel closer to Gizmo and Chuee. For this is where I have the company of about 6 neighbourhood cats! I've made it a point to feed them, as they come and go, every night. They sit with me now, around me, on my table even sometimes. They are familiar with my voice, my presence, even from across the road. They'd see me from a distance and I guess from their acute sense of sight, they'd start meowing really loud. And as I walk past them, saying hello to them, they'd all start following me to my favourite seat. I do feel like the Piped Piper sometimes.

Oh wait, let me go feed mummy cat.

And this is where I write.

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