Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 F1 Thursday

Yippy Yippy Yah Yah Yay! We did it again today!

Photos with a few more drivers!!

Though this time we didnt get to walk into the pit garage. The dumb thing is we could have, but we kept taking those photos and chatting with other fans that by the time we ought to have gotten onto the the circuit, we were already way too far off and tired. Oh well, still it was so fun! But then again, there's always next time.

Here's Ling with Heiki Kovalainen. He was nice, Ling was shy.

Vitaly Petrov zooming past us. Meeting him was the funniest! Unbelievably our pen ran dry just as he was signing his autograph. He gave a comical signing in the air effect and giggled with Ling. Luckily we had another fan near us who lent us his marker. 

That lady behind Vitaly, (whom I believe is his Mum), was the nicest person we met that whole night. She tickled Ling and ushered her to go on and get the autograph the 2nd time around almost pushing Ling through to the front. I've seen her on TV and I tell you, I've always thought she was the most beautiful lady they show during F1. Meeting her, I say Oh Yes She Is! (Psst, I got to shake her hand.)

Here's Sakon Yamamoto with Ling. Without a doubt the friendliest and most welcoming of the drivers we've met so far. Truly a humble person, he stopped to take photos and sign autographs with everyone on his way. Almost a bit like Lewis Hamilton when we met him in 2008. But here's the real cool thing about this kind man that we found really strange; he walked alone! Everyone else we met had minders but this guy could have passed off as a tourist in the dark had we not recognised him!

Ok finally, here's my favourite. The nephew of the probably the best driver ever. Bruno Senna, nephew of ( Do I really need to write this? Ok, Ayrton Senna!!) . I had to have this one photo so I got Ling to take the back seat for this. That missed photo with Lewis got me lots of flak from everyone, so I had to have this. This guy was so patient that when the camera didn't work right the first time, he waited for us to get the the 2 nd image done right. With a thumb's up to add!

We met Robert Kubica and got his autograph too but he was the only one who didn't wish to take photos with anyone. It's ok, I've not really said very nice things about him before anyway, and as I've said, I've always thought he was a bit of a snob. Now he proved it.

He did apologise to me though and said he had to go. I just said, 'Ok then, good luck anyway.'

( That 1 snap we got of him was further blurred with a big bright light shining in the background, but how can you miss that nose of his.)

Yes yes I have a big nose too. Shut up.

Some more photos with a few officials and of course the autographs soon.

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